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Find out about our identity, journey, ethos and ambitions. Here we offer insight into our commitment to innovative clinician-led healthcare, sharing the values and vision driving our impact on patient care and the wider healthcare sector

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Our Core Values

NovaHS is built upon three guiding pillars that are considered in every action and decision within the organisation:


At NovaHS, the provision of safe care is fundamental to our mission, ensuring every patient receives the highest standard of care


We streamline healthcare processes to deliver faster, more effective care, thereby optimising the valuable resources of the NHS

Cost Effective

Acknowledging the NHS's resource constraints, NovaHS is dedicated to developing solutions that are financially viable and sensible

The pillars provide a strong foundation to complement the CQC standards for performance and excellence

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Who are we?

Nova Healthcare Solutions (NovaHS) was formed to offer an innovative helping hand to primary care organisations attempting to navigate the complexities of modern healthcare delivery.

The company is primarily a Healthcare organisation with an interest in the research and development of HealthTech. Its establishment in April 2020 was in response to the escalating challenges faced by primary care and driven by the collective expertise of practicing GPs who understood firsthand the pressures confronting the sector.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dr Samim Azim has an extensive background encompassing over 13-years of hands-on experience as a doctor across numerous National Health Service (NHS) organisations. He was well placed to utilise this experience to guide and inspire the multidisciplinary team in the inception of Nova.

This commitment to excellence is reflected and recognised in NovaHS's CQC regulation and the continued growth and expansion within the sphere of primary care.

Our Journey So Far

From its creation within a pandemic, NovaHS's beginnings can be traced to a GP practice in north London. The team is made up of over one hundred members of staff and evolved to offer administrative, clinical, technical and bespoke services.

NovaHS's one team approach has provided an environment of two-way communication that encourages practices to view our staff as a part of their own team. This model has led to the development of services based on real life feedback and directly impacted the support provided to patients throughout the length and breadth of England.

The collaborative development of services has enabled NovaHS the opportunity and privilege to serve over 1.7 million patients across 32 ICBs. The organisation is proud that this growth has been purely through the power of word of mouth.

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Vision & Mission

A focus on supporting primary care is part of a wider vision to see an NHS operating in harmony in an integrated, streamlined, and efficient manner, founded on standardised practices to enable the best possible outcome for patients and the individuals serving them.

NovaHS provides services solely to and for the benefit of NHS providers and has a wide range of customers of all sizes and designations. The team is always open to discussing collaborations and potential partnerships that may help to bolster our ongoing mission.

The mission for NovaHS remains clear: to provide a helping hand to bolster clinical capacity within primary care, relieve the pressure on individuals working within the sector using a one team approach and promote the best possible outcomes for the patients in a cost-effective manner.

"The service and support received has helped us out greatly whilst we were short staffed."

Practice Manager

"We were struggling to recruit and retain coding staff so outsourced to Nova to help bolster our team. It has helped tremendously when we have had staff sickness because we no longer worry about the build up of a backlog of documents to action"

Practice Manager

"Through the support provided by Nova we are now up to date with our weekly clinical correspondence and have benefitted from their regular contact with our practice"

Admin Manager

Meet the team...

NovaHS’s multi-disciplinary team is made up of Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Business Support Officers, Doctors, Clinical Coders, GP Assistants, Care Coordinators, Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, IT technicians and Software Developers. Some of the individuals are:

Dr Samim Azim

Dr Samim Azim

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr Tony Tong

Clinical Lead

David Fitt

David Fitt

Director of Operations and Strategy

Nasreen Naser

Director of Finance

Don Udara

Lead Software Developer

Shivani Chadha

Lead Pharmacist

Devinia Patel

NovaDoc Admin Manager

Nashua Diaz Anaya

NovaDoc Admin Manager

Katie Caddick

Executive Assistant

Setting Us Apart

NovaHS takes pride in having successfully established an unparalleled and distinctive position within the healthcare industry. We firmly believe that this standing is a direct result of our unwavering commitment to a not-for-profit-driven ethos, which brings substantial benefits to the practices we engage with.

At the core of NovaHS's philosophy is a commitment to transparency and a resolute rejection of a sales-driven approach. Our guiding principle is, and will always be, to prioritise the support of NHS organisations and their patients over the pursuit of profits. This steadfast dedication reflects our continued efforts to contribute positively to the well-being of the NHS and the communities it serves.

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